Friday, 11 May 2012

WIP Progress - all nicely wrapped up!

I finally (FINALLY!) finished the green chequered charity/festival blanket!

I have to say, these mitred squares are great for having something to knit while watching TV and because you pick up stitches for each new square there are no seams to sew up; plus I wove in the ends as I went so it wasn't too annoying to neaten up when finished!

I've already started another, in shades of pink:

You can see I was knitting in the car as we drove home from holiday last week!

The plan is to offer them to OXFAM - they sell them at music/arts festivals to raise money for their relief projects worldwide.

At the moment, life is hectic enough without going back to the lace knitting I was doing - the Summer cardigan WILL be finished (but not necessarily for THIS summer! )

Meanwhile - back to the blanket...... ;-)