Friday, 14 March 2014

A good dose of rustic charm!

This morning, DD and I took ourselves off to the Garden Barn - a couple of miles down the road, but across the county border, to have a good look round at all their amazing wares.

There are lots of little nooks and crannies in which to consume coffee and cake (in this case - Marzipan and cherry cake, to be precise! Yum!) Replete from caffeine and calories, we ventured down from the loft into the wondrous emporium below..... meanders round the old farm buildings, leading outside to more garden furniture and 'objets d'art'!

It's about 18 months since our last visit so of course we had to take our time admiring all the displays - and getting a few ideas! (Picture quality is not as good as I'd have liked, but I managed to snap off a few images on my phone as we went round.)

(Can you believe it - this was once a milking parlour !)

An amazing bow made out of wood veneer adorned the doorway to the ladies' toilets!

So many quirky items, lots of wood and vintage stuff - we both just wanted to

However, I restrained myself to just one purchase - I love the tactile nature of carved wood, so I indulged in this intricate carving, to sit on my mantelpiece :

I'd better start saving my pennies for the next visit - I don't think we'll be waiting another 18 months! ;-)