Saturday, 23 January 2016

I've I'll finish!

In an effort to cull some of my yarn-buying fetish I decided that I ought to finish a few projects before I buy any more!

Here's the finished 'Granny square' blanket from my previous post:


The 1940's 'Wallis' (inspired by Mrs Simpson) cardigan my daughter had fought with, was ripped out and given to me to try my hand - it is still a work in progress, on 2mm needles!

To use up some of my scrap stash (and when I want a break from knitting) I started this crocheted 'Ribbon Afghan' - picking the colours at random (not quite sure what I think of it, as yet!)

The 'Spiral-staircase' scarf was completed, but though I loved the colours (reminded me of the Northern Lights) I ripped it out - yarn too scratchy for a neck scarf, I'll use it for socks.


However, I did another S-s scarf. this time in baby-soft 2ply cream yarn - this feels like wrapping yourself in goose-down!

It's turning colder here, time for hunkering down, drinking tea,
watching a good film and playing with yarn - so, see you later!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year - new start!

Another year begins - let's hope it's better than the last one (after the upheaval of moving two elderly family members and accommodating ALL THEIR FURNITURE temporarily, before being flooded out of our home......!)

Anyway - I know I have been neglecting this blog and despite my best efforts I never seem to carve out enough time to do everything I want to, but the nearest thing I can come to as a New Year resolution is to attempt to try and post something reasonably regularly so I'll start with a montage of a few projects that have been on the 'go' up to and over the Christmas period!

Cover for a long footstool - an impression of a 'dry stone wall'; a lacy wrap for my cousin in NH;

'Playing' with colour-variation yarn;

(Some of these have been finished.....others are 'pending'!)

The current WIP was started over Christmas - a fairly mindless stash-busting project of crocheted  'granny' squares to keep my hands busy whilst watching Christmas-present DVDs and catch-up TV!

Joining the squares 'as you go' was interesting, engineering the joins across the different sized squares. Now I'm just doing rows all around the edge to use up the colours!

In between all these things I've been making incubator blankets for our Knitting group's challenge - we've donated 6,000+ items to SCBUs up and down the country over the last two years. The latest 'drive' is to see how many we can produce between now and Easter. I will hopefully be digging deep into my stash - however, my son (bless him!) gave me a voucher to spend at Wool Warehouse as part of my Christmas present, so the stash will continue to grow!

Another project I'm about to start on is another CAL (remember my adventures with "Sophie's Universe" last year?) - this time it's hosted by another designer and it's called:

I'm hoping it'll encourage me to post regular progress updates here and get my
blogging back to normal!  One can only hope!

Happy New Year, everyone!  
May your hands never ache and may the deepest recesses
of your stash finally see the light of day! :-)