Saturday, 19 October 2013

More socks - and shawls!

After commenting about the luxurious feel of hand-knitted socks, while on holiday in New England, I offered to create some for coz and his wife. So, one of my first projects when I got home was to hunt out the dpns and get on...

Photo: Ha-ha! The socks actually match! (2 rows to go ;-p)
(and they actually match!)

Next, the shawl - coz's wife selected the yarn and I agreed to knit it for her (she's more into crochet!). Here it is, blocking out:
Photo: Shawl blocking - has to be done - will it look this good when the pins come out.....?

I was so impressed with the pattern - I grabbed a hank of yarn I picked up while 'across the pond' and set to, creating my own version:

....Indeed I do love this yarn!
It's absolutely wonderful to work with - but I can't seem to buy it here in the UK :-( 


I spent some time yesterday trying to re-organise my 'craft-space' (ie. the reclaimed bedroom from my son!) It has become somewhat a dumping ground - one day it will be wonderful - but for now I have my own little place to play!  

A relative gave me a bag of 'treasure' when I visited recently - now decanted into two glass jars:
They must be quite old, as they are solid wood bobbins! I wonder what I can use them on......

.....and in the midst of tidying up and allocating space for things I pressed
a recent 'regal' souvenir into service, too!