Friday, 30 September 2011

On the needles.....

....a piece of lace knitting!

Last Autumn, my daughter and I visited family in New England. On a trip to Portland, Maine, we called in to an amazing shop - Tess's Designer Yarns and purchased a fair few items ! (amidst the gasps of 'oooh!' and 'aaaahhh!')

My cousin's wife fell in love with a pattern for a lacy shawl and my daughter agreed to make it up for her but it proved a challenge too far, (not least because my daughter has recently had emergency eye surgery so 'fancy' knitting is out of the question for a while!) so I have taken up the needles and am attempting to 'save face' and produce the shawl in time for Christmas.

Learning to read charts (and American patterns!) has been a massive learning curve - but I'm getting there.

Meanwhile, I have a completed (but not 'made up') short sleeved cardigan sitting in a bag (how I hate the 'making up' part of knitting):

Some random-dyed yarn I was knitting up with a vague idea of a cushion cover in mind, just something easy to do while watching T:

- and yesterday I finished unravelling a jacket that just never did 'feel' right, but the yarn is gorgeous:

Meanwhile, I'm still on the hunt for the 'right' pattern to use some gorgeous random-dyed wool I bought a while back. Still looking......

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  1. I - and most of the knitters I know - detest the making up part of knitting. I call us 'process knitters' because we're only here for the fun. Of course, if I had an elf who would sew them up that would be lovely. I do love the finished product.
    Good luck with the lace work. I am not good at reading charts at all; I much prefer the words. But that's another of my quirks: I'm a word person and not very chart-oriented.