Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Beginning .....and the End!

It's the beginning of 2012 - but it's the end of two WIPs! :-)

The 'Icecream' scarf (so nicknamed because the colours remind me of Neapolitan icecream: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate) is finally complete! It has been my 'go-to' project in between other projects, but rather than run out of wool (I bought it on holiday in New England, so not exactly easy to run out and buy more!) I called a halt, cast off and added the fringe. It was a very simple pattern and is so snuggly soft that it will be appearing in public on many outings, methinks!

The next project only started last week but is already finished!

The knitting club I go to twice a month has a tradition of using the profits from out weekly subs to purchase balls of different yarns and at Christmas all the members of the club get a 'lucky dip'. Well, I selected some sock yarn and decided that, rather than knitting socks (of which I have a fair number knitted already!), I'd use the yarn for something else and came across a pattern for a small scarf/shawl

I love it so much, I've already cast on with different yarn to create another scarf.....will post piccies of that when finished, too!


  1. Love those greens. What a great idea your club has for the lucky dip! You must have been very motivated to get that shawl done so quickly.

  2. Fabulous and they look so complicated!