Sunday, 12 February 2012

New Project

After the debacle of frogging an item last week I was hunting around for a new project. I have two or three WIPs at the moment know how it is when you want to try something new...!

Anyway, I was thumbing through some old knitting magazines and came across a stitch/pattern that intrigued me, made of mitred squares.

Using some variegated yarn from my stash I was quickly knitting blocks of green (see pic at top of post) - delighting in the fact that each row grows shorter!

Then, I decided to experiment with blocks of colour. The stash pile produced this:

Appetite well and truly whetted I made a trip to our nearest yarnshop and stocked up on specific colours and this is the WIP so far:

The photo doesn't replicate the colours so well, but basically I used black, mid-brown, fawn and white. I will try and get a better shot in daylight.

This will be an ongoing project to create a blanket - easy enough to do in front of the TV or at knitting group. Still, it looks effective. I'm already thinking of ways to tweak the original idea to create new ideas - I'll keep you posted!

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