Sunday, 25 March 2012

WIP catch-up!

Finally completed the 'squares' blanket! Well, it's sort of finished - may add a border later.....

Loving the ease of construction with this mitred-square technique, so I'm well under way with a charity blanket in shades of green:

Also, on the second attempt with the lace jacket in 4ply - I aborted the first one in favour of a simpler plain long waistcoat. However, that turned out way too big - after I realised I'd been following the wrong size instructions! So, it's back to plan 'A' and it seems to be working out much better, although I have to concentrate too much to allow watching TV or other distractions.

....and while I'm here, this is how my 'New England' blanket turned out! (not sure if I ever got around to showing it off....!)


  1. HI, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my Annie post. I think I will follow this blog .... your knitting ... even though this is not the blog that is participating in A to Z. This is the topic that is nearer to my heart.

    I love the mitered square blanket and I am considering do one of these myself.


  2. Beautiful work! That last looks like crochet?