Monday, 15 October 2012

This 'n' that

What is it with us knitters - we HAVE to start new projects even though there are others already on the go!

Well, in my last post I mentioned that I'd fallen in love with the pattern for a jacket using random-dyed wool and knit on the diagonal; well, as soon as the yarn arrived I was hunting out the needles.....

And here it is....not quite finished, just the front bands, collar and sleeve seams to do!

I had to do a bit of 'engineering' to get the stripes to match:

Meanwhile, I'm adding to the blanket, nearly a third of the way through now!
(good job I have a fair bit of catch-up TV, as this is my go-to project when watching...!)

Of course, visiting yarn shops, one can't leave empty-handed and a recent trip to my LYS in Coventry forced me to purchase this 4ply cotton - the colours in the picture don't do justice to it, as it's a lovely green/gold and a lighter matching shade.
I have absolutely no idea what I shall use them for, but one must always keep up the stash! (my excuse, anyway!)

Then a surprise package arrived:
Compliments of  Let's Knit! magazine, because I'd tweeted on their Twitter feed a few weeks ago, on National Poetry Day:
Alas, alack, my yarn's run out,
I'm nearly in a fit;
My other project's at an end -
I've nothing left to knit!

Now I'm pondering a project to use this lovely, squishy, chunky yarn.......I'll report back, later with the results! :-)

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