Friday, 4 January 2013

A New Year - a new project (or three.....!)

I decided to rummage through some of my old knitting patterns over the Christmas holidays and found one that bears a dual pricing note, (both £sd and 'new' decimal currency), thus dating it to the early 1970's!

I fancied a simple long waistcoat so this morning, when DD and I went to our nearest wool shop, in the quaint village of Dunchurch, with it's lovely thatched cottages, I bought some simple grey DK yarn.

This is Dunchurch - gorgeous, isn't it!

A visit to the library, a little later, meant I came home with a pile of knitting books and a new list of projects to attempt!

I particularly like a number of designs from this one:

......and have already earmarked this for a future project:

Meanwhile, I'm still adding to the patchwork bedspread (although I need to order a few more balls of yarn to complete it) and I'm battling with a navy blue 4ply sweater for my husband (just basic stocking stitch, boringly simple but great for doing while I'm watching TV!) 

I also dug out another project that was on 'hold' - a cream lace shawl - and added a few inches to the outside border:

I've just passed the midway point on this edging, so it will be a while until I get to the end, let alone pick up the stitches and knit the main part of the shawl! (I could be in my dotage before it's finished!)


  1. Wow, this looks very pretty...think I'll start another scarf this weekend. Made 3 infinity scarves for friends for Christmas. It's cold here in the Northeast United States...scarves are a necessity!!! Keep on knitting!!!

  2. I love your blog. You have a great style and the posting about library books hit home. I work in a library on Sundays and can never resist looking through the craft books.

  3. I like the zig zag vest, and may attempt to figure it out.

  4. Ho wonderful to meet another knitter! I have just loaded this blog in for my Grow Your Blog party -- I see you have 3 blogs and you did not say in your comments (in JUne) which blog you meant to enter. I assumed it was this one--

    I will look forward to your post on the 19th -- latest updates are on my blog (one post back) - please refer to them. See you at the party--