Friday, 27 June 2014

Too busy 'yarning' to blog...

I realise it's a while since I last blogged here - life's events and excitements get in the way from time to time. However, there aren't many free moments when I HAVEN'T had some yarn in my hands, lately (even if that's just moving stash piles to other boxes.....)

Best of all, I decided to put in an order to The Wool Warehouse (yes, I know I already have SEVERAL large crates of the stuff up in my workroom.....but one can never have too much!) and it arrived this morning! (not bad, since I ordered it after-hours on Wednesday evening)  I'm SO impressed - quick service and VERY attractive prices, too! I don't normally like ordering yarn without seeing it, but I can happily say the Wool Warehouse is now my online shop of choice! :-)

Just looking at it all is making me lick my lips in anticipation :-)

I've also been experimenting a lot more with crochet, which is becoming ever more addictive.

I'd heard about the 'African Flower' motif and decided to have a go. (There's a great tutorial here )  Well, I was very soon hooked (excuse the pun!) and now I'm happily creating blocks (....a cushion cover?  .....a blanket? ....who knows!)

....and you all know how I HATE seaming things together, so I've taught myself to 'join-as-I-go' (I sort of made it up, don't think it's a 'proper' method, but it works for me) - on the final round, I hook the yarn through a trb on a finished side and then trb on the new square, like this:

Here's a finished seam:

I'm really loving using cotton and cotton-mix yarns, too. I recently made a loose cover for a footstool:
We've just inherited the footstool, which has an embroidered cover created by hubby's Grandmother many years ago:
It's beautiful, but to preserve the colours it had spent a lot of it's life with a cloth over it. Being re-housed in our conservatory we didn't want to risk the sun bleaching the colours, so a loose cover was the order of the day.

Now....back to the newly-arrived stash......where's that crochet hook......?  :-)


  1. I'd never really considered cotton for a granny square afghan. It will be lovely.

  2. The loose cover looks amazing, and I'm in awe of your crochet skills! Love the stash enhancement too.

  3. Oh Sue, this African Flower square is so beautiful! I checked the tutorial, too...and I'm adding it to my To Do List! I want to make an Afghan!! Well, right after I finish my Snowflake afghan!

    Perhaps you can tell, I've been looking at alot of your posts, after your visit to my blog - thanks! I'm adding you to my Blog List and appreciate you adding me to yours. {You might want to delete my old blog - The Comfort of a Safe Place - from your sidebar, as it's now closed, since opening my new blog.}

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    ps...I noticed you're a no-reply blogger - so I couldn't send you an email message to your comment.

    1. Jan - thanks for your comments! I still get email prompts when people leave messages here, I will have to investigate my blog set-up to see what you mean by 'no-reply'...... ;-p
      Thanks for stopping by, hope you like what you've seen!