Saturday, 23 January 2016

I've I'll finish!

In an effort to cull some of my yarn-buying fetish I decided that I ought to finish a few projects before I buy any more!

Here's the finished 'Granny square' blanket from my previous post:


The 1940's 'Wallis' (inspired by Mrs Simpson) cardigan my daughter had fought with, was ripped out and given to me to try my hand - it is still a work in progress, on 2mm needles!

To use up some of my scrap stash (and when I want a break from knitting) I started this crocheted 'Ribbon Afghan' - picking the colours at random (not quite sure what I think of it, as yet!)

The 'Spiral-staircase' scarf was completed, but though I loved the colours (reminded me of the Northern Lights) I ripped it out - yarn too scratchy for a neck scarf, I'll use it for socks.


However, I did another S-s scarf. this time in baby-soft 2ply cream yarn - this feels like wrapping yourself in goose-down!

It's turning colder here, time for hunkering down, drinking tea,
watching a good film and playing with yarn - so, see you later!


  1. The spiral staircase scarf looks fabulous - I would love to try something like that. Too bad that the yarn is too scratchy for a neck scarf.

  2. I don't knit, as you may know, Sue. But that doesn't stop me wishing I did. Do you know the work of Kaffe Fassett? He not only knits amazing things, but needlepoints, paints and makes collages. P.S. I like that scarf and the throw very much.

  3. Hee hee, you are like me, I start lots of projects too. I also try to finish them all, too. Impressive selection you have here.