Friday, 17 June 2011

Casting On....

Excuse the title of this blog - I really don't go around stabbing people with knitting needles or garotting them with yarn! (well, not really, anyway!)

Perhaps I'd better clarify that last remark! In another blog-life I write fiction, (usually crime/mystery/thriller) and the name 'The Knitting Assassin' was bestowed upon me by a writing-buddy because I occasionally include a knitting element to my 'yarns' - excuse the awful pun!

Anyway - this blog is dedicated to all matters of tricotage (with a side-order of other crafts!) so let's start as I mean to go on:

The current 'stash' - selectively culled recently, so not too ostentatious!

The WIPs (Works In Progress):

This is a beautiful lacy shawl knitted in Creative Yarns 'Reflections'. A 'new' yarn to me - love it so much I went back and bought more in a different colour-way for a future project.

A simple 2-row patterned scarf in four shades of Quince & Co.'s 'Chickadee' 100% wool yarn, an impulse buy on holiday in America last year. The colours remind me of a brick of Neapolitan icecream!

An idea I 'pinched' from one of my colleagues at the knitting club - using leftover sock-wool to make a tube-scarf on double point needles (...or it might become a bolster cushion....or a draught excluder..!) - this is useful 'mindless' knitting to keep my hands busy when I'm watching TV or reading!

A recently completed project;

It started life as an unravelled sweater that just didn't 'work' but found a new identity when it was 're-invented' as a blanket of squares (although I had to buy extra yarn to finish it!)

So - there we are - successfully 'cast on'! More knitting 'notions' will emerge in future posts! ;-)


  1. I LOVE that pink fuzzy yarn (2 skeins) in the bottom of the first photo! (But, I am rather a sucker for anything pink) ;) Beautiful WIPs!

  2. The assassin has her own post!! Nice on, Sue.

  3. That should have said blog but you knew that, right? Should never comment on my iPhone!

    Looks great BTW!