Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green.....

I knew I had some photos knocking about of some previous projects - here's a few in mouthwatering shades!

My first ever pair of short-row 'toe-up' socks!

A cuddly 'Thomas'!
There's a story behind this - I knitted an original version of this for my son 20-odd years ago - he had a TT plastic shape-sorter that he would try to take to bed to cuddle, so I measured it up and recreated it in wool - much more snuggly. Recently, when my Great nephew was born, (named Thomas, of course!) I decided to create TT#2 - much to my son's horror! (he's nearly 25, for goodness sake - you'd think I'd given his original away!)

Ruby Slippers!
My daughter is a 'Wizard of Oz' freak - so one Christmas I created these for her using sparkly red 'eyelash' yarn, and sewed anti-slip mesh on the soles so she didn't keep falling over on her laminate floors!

'Stained Glass' blanket
This was designed to use up bits of stash wool - I'd crocheted 'Granny' squares but had never tried hexagons! With the uniform black edging it does indeed look like one of the 'rose' windows you see in old cathedrals!

Well, that's all for now - on with the knitting!

(and thankyou for allowing me to 'show off' my wares!) ;-)

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