Saturday, 19 November 2011

Finishing off

Oh, I do savour that delicious moment when the WIP comes off the needles AND all the finishing has been done!

The shawl I finished a few days ago has been successfully blocked and looks so delicate. I'm really pleased with it as it's the first time I've used such fine silk yarn. That said, I think it's unlikely I would undertake such a project again in a hurry - it required focussed attention to follow the pattern and I became somewhat of a hermit during its construction!

Also, fresh off the needles and ready to wear - some cosy socks ready for the cold winter days!
Knitted in Sirdar Crofter DK yarn they're soft and snugly and the variegated yarn creates a pleasing Fairisle pattern.

Now, a slight interruption as I look for a pattern to use 200g of this!:

Ideas, anyone?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous shawl. What a lot of work there. I love the gold color - so warm and toasty looking while still elegant as all get out.

    I forgot to link with ravelry on the Tuckernuck cardi this morning - too much of a hurry. So, I've done that now. It's an Interweave Knits pattern - you could download directly from their website.

    What about one of those ruffled scarves? I used a free ravelry pattern called Twirly Scarf by Jill Bujold. Mine took about 200m. Since it's knit lengthwise the color changes would be interesting.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Stephanie.
    Actually, the shawl is in a delicate shade of shell pink - quality of lighting and camera has resulted in the discrepancy!

    It WAS a lot of work but I'm pleased to have completed it - I don't like to turn down a challenge!

    Not sure about the ruffle scarves - I might even do another shawl, but NOT with this Icarus pattern!

    (I made a gorgeous stole in Reflections green colourway - on an earlier post - it's so soft and light)

    Will check out that cardigan pattern, thanks!