Friday, 11 November 2011

Taddaah!!!! Finished the shawl!

Well, I finally cast off the last stitch of the pink silk shawl I was knitting for a cousin in New Hampshire - just a year behind schedule (having taken it on from my daughter, who'd originally agreed to do it but had to abandon the project due to eye surgery).

Now, the only remaining problem is blocking it - which will be interesting as I'm not sure where in the house I can possibly do it without it getting in the way! Still, it will (hopefully) look more like the piccie on the pattern when all the picots are pinned out to pointy perfection!

Also, the variegated yarn I bought when over in NH last year has been put to good use. A little too rough for garment quality it is making up into a gorgeous throw/blanket. Just a little left, so with some judicious extra rows of black I might get it another few inches bigger!

After knit-club, this afternoon, I managed to track down the red 'eyelash' yarn I needed to knit the 'Ruby Slippers' that a fellow blogger coveted on one of my earlier blog-posts - (I'm casting on tonight, Jenny!)

It has been great for Miss H to accompany me to knit-club the last couple of times. Although she's had 2 of the 3 operations to repair a detached retina she's able to see well enough to do simple stocking stitch items. And we rather more 'senior' members have been delighted to have her youth to drop the average age of attendees! ;-)


  1. WOOHOO! I'm excited! :D I love seeing your projects and hearing about your knitters club! And also glad that Miss H is doing well with the surgeries and all. Praying for her every day! Love and hugs to you both!

  2. So beautiful Sue. It really is lovely..xx