Saturday, 23 June 2012

All things bright and beautiful....go well with coffee!

Being somewhat disenchanted with one of my other hobbies/blogs (writing....don't get me started!) I thought I'd invest more time in this blog instead! I've a few updates with the on-going projects - more on that later - but first, a bit of indulgence! Well, it is Saturday! ;-)

This morning, daughter and I took a wee ride across the county border (all of about a mile from home!) and visited The Garden Barn for coffee, cake and inspiration.

I've driven past this on many occasions but today was my first visit - and what a treat it was!

So many lovely things to look at - both inside and out!

I think this part was a former milking parlour!

And who wouldn't want to enjoy their morning coffee sitting here.....

.....looking out on this!

Project update:

The red blanket is nearing completion:

 - although I won't get it done before we go on holiday next week, which is a bit of a bummer because I wanted to use the remaindered wool from that and the green blanket to do some crochet granny-squares and that would have been small and easily transported!

Instead, I've picked up something I started a while ago that really needs some attention:

The blue wave wrap is at the half-way stage, and as it's a simple 6-row repeat (4 of which are just plain garter stitch!) it'll be easy enough to take about with me!

The cream lace shawl is still in it's infancy -
 - not even halfway along the border yet! Far too intense and fiddly to cope with distractions, this will have to wait for times of uninterrupted calm and quietness, as I count the rows!

In the meantime, I've also been experimenting:

These coasters were crafted from some soft string! I'm thinking of trying them out in dishcloth-cotton - they'd be easy to wash!

So - plenty to keep me going, as you can see! ;-)


  1. You talented woman, you!!!! Geez, I wish I had half your talents! And The Garden Barn looks like a perfect place to schnozzle a coffee. :)

  2. Oh it was a nice way to spend a morning, wasn't it?

  3. Hi Sue-
    Thanks so much for stopping by and expressing interest in the Grow your Blog party! You know- when the time come- this January-- you can register as many of your blogs as you wish-- the more the merrier-- we will make them all grow!

    I'll have updates as we go along- so be sure to check back with me later this summer-- and in the late fall- I'll post a badge for all of us to share.

    We will make your blogs GROW!!

    Ps- you know I love knitters!!!!