Thursday, 7 June 2012


I'm ploughing my way through the pink charity blanket - mindless knitting for in front of the TV but I needed another challenge. I spotted the crocheted 'ripple' on Roo Knits blog - and she kindly pointed me in the direction of Lucy at Attic24 - wherein she descibes( in very easy instructions!) how to achieve this ripple effect!

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to have a go - here my test 'sampler :

This was using the leftovers from the green charity blanket - I might use up the remnants from the pink one when that's finished......!

........and onto further distractions! I happened to rest my gaze upon one of my stash boxes this morning and noticed some cream 3ply I bought ages ago with a vague idea of knitting something fine.

On Ravelry I found this - called 'My Heaven', by Patusha.

So, I've started the outer lace edge.......followed the instructions to the letter and after pinning it out to see, I think it matches the original (although that was in blue and seems a much finer yarn, even though the pattern says 3ply......!)

No doubt there will be many more 'distractions' along the way.......!

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  1. I'm late commenting to this - must add this directly to my reader!
    I love the lace, Marmee. You know I'm totes in awe of anyone who can knit lace. I don't have the patience (or vision) for it any more. At all. Ever, in fact. Are you going to knit the whole shawl? xxx