Saturday, 2 February 2013

It may be the 'awards' season.....

It may be 'awards' season, but never mind the Oscars or the BAFTA's - thanks to Hilary at Threaded Life  I've been given the....

In accordance with the award 'rules' I must:

Post 11 random things about myself 
Answer 11 questions set by my nominator (in this case, Hilary)
Create 11 further questions for 11 other recipents
Choose 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers and add links.

I've come across this Liebster Award on one of my other blogs and I'm not sure I can fulfill all the requirements, so this might just be a 'potted' version - just SIX of each category!

OK - random things about me:

1. I've twice had my job taken over by 'technology' - I was once a switchboard operator (the old plug-in style boards) but when the UK went over to self-dialled calls operators were surplus to requirements; the 2nd occasion was more recent - I was a library assistant until the local county library service decided to go 'self-service'. Once the machines were installed for customers to issue and return their own books, library assistants like myself were an 'endangered species' as the jobs dried up. I took early retirement!

2. I once had breakfast with the Bishop of Peru. ('s a long story......!)

3. I can play the piano by ear - but I'm the only member of the family NOT to have had music lessons.

4. I did a stunt-driving course and learned to do handbrake turns, J-turns, etc. - a couple of years ago, when I was 55! (So, you want proof?)

5. I've traced my Family History back to the early 1600's - with a link to Bonnie Prince Charlie and  also Queen Victoria!

6. As this blog is mainly about knitting and yarn crafts, here's a random fact on that theme - I hand-made yards of tatted lace for my wedding dress and veil, mostly on the train to and from work each day. The 'ratcheting' sound of me drawing more thread off the shuttle spool must have driven my fellow travellers mad! ;-p

Now - to Hilary's questions for me:

1.  What's your favorite book and why? Depends on genre/mood! However, I love crime mysteries and one of the best I’ve read in the last few years is Peter James'  'Dead Simple' . Having read that, I was hooked for the series!

2.  Give me your all-time favorite quote. ‘Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read!” -  Groucho Marks  

3.  What's your favorite animal and why? Dogs – any shape or size, but I have a penchant for cross-breeds; the ultimate ‘originals’!

4. What do you collect? Nothing, specifically. (although I do seem to have accumulated a lot of long-lost relatives when doing my Family Tree!)

5.  Who do you most admire and why? Mother Teresa – she just got on with the job and didn’t make a fuss!

6.  What's your worst vice? Cheese and biscuits!

7.  What's your best trait? I try to give encouragement whereever I can.

8.  What's your favorite sport? Ugh – sport????? (although, I will try to watch Wimbledon, as long as I can watch a whole match)

9.  What's your favorite color and why? Dusty jade-type colours - they remind me of open space and wild, misty countryside.

10.  Name one of your pet peeves. Car drivers who think their indicators are ‘optional extras’!

11.  What makes any particular day special for you? A bright sunny dawn – as if the world’s on tiptoe waiting to see what’s going to unfold today.

Next - questions for for my award recipients:

1. One thing you're most proud of in your life
2. Your favourite food/drink
3. Place you'd like to travel to - if you had the opportunity.
4. Your favourite project to date
5. Your favourite film or book
6. Who you'd most like to have met and had a conversation with (in any time period of history!)

Now for the people to whom I'd like to pass on this award - here's the lucky six

Rachel, at 'Go Placidly' (ok - unashamed nepotism!)
Karen at Ridiculous Knits

Some of these are 'new accquaintances' via the recent Grow Your Blog party hosted by Vicki - I hope they don't mind being pounced on for this award! 

In the meantime - thanks again, Hilary, I shall stick my 'award' badge on my blog with pride! :-)


  1. Thanks, Sue. Just thinking of how lucky you are to be able to play by ear...all my kids can do it but me, not so much. And I'd love to hear more about the Bishop of Peru!

  2. Wow!! Stunt driving!??! And I thought I was daring when I started horseback riding for real at 54 ... last May. ;)

    I would seriously love to see a picture of the tatted lace for your wedding dress and veil. Is it somewhere on the web??

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hilary - the only picture I can find online is here

      Will try to put a better picture in my next post!