Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back from the 'colonies' - with a big bag of booty!

Earlier this week DD and I got back from our trip to New England  - see my other blog. As I mentioned previously, I'd been clearing projects out of the way in readiness for utilising all the the things I planned to purchase! We went with half-empty cases in anticipation of bringing back a few bits and pieces - and boy, did we!

High on the list of priorities was a  trip to Michaels - which we'd discovered for the first time on our last visit to the cousins in New Hampshire. As my cousin's wife is keen on crafting it didn't take much arm-twisting to get her to take us to the nearest store.

Only half-way round the shop!

There was just so much on offer we trundled up and down the aisles gawping at everything - there was much 'ooooh-ing' and 'aaahhhh-ing' I can tell you!  Back here in the UK we don't have stores on this scale; Hobbycraft , bless it, is teeny compared to Michaels.

But even better was yet to come - when we were told about Hobby Lobby ! This out-did even Michaels - a quick visit 'just to look'  turned into several hours and parting with many $$$$$s!

Inspecting some of our bounty!

Getting all the bags and packages out of  our luggage was fun, reliving the joy all over again. :-)

The range of yarn on offer was gobsmacking! These I bought a with no particular
projects in mind - just loved the colours:
There are patterns printed on the inside of the ball bands so I may try out anything suitable.

Coz's wife is more into crochet, so I volunteered to knit her a scarf/shawl
as per the pattern on these two balls

A couple of patterns in this book caught my attention - the yarn is a mohair/wool/acrylic mix

There was a request for socks from coz and wife - but this particular yarn is just for me! ;-)

A selection of pattern books -  Bavarian Crochet is new to me,
so I'm looking forward to seeing what that entails!

Couldn't resist this cross-stitch kit of a typical New England lighthouse. Although, I don't know when I shall get around to starting it - given the other cross-stitch project already sitting in the queue!

Couldn't turn my back on this little trio of miniature birdhouses, either! I have plans to paint them up in contrasting shades of the colours of my new kitchen (coming soon!)

Last, but not least - I bought this in a Christmas decoration store. Can you believe it - whole stores selling just Christmas decorations - all year round!
(....should I change my blog-name, I wonder......?)

So many projects, so many possibilities - where shall I begin.....


  1. Wow, that looks like a great trip.

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  3. What lovely finds! I love the picture of you on the bed with all your "loot" around you. I enjoy needlepoint and cross-stitch too!

    Michael's does internet orders; will they ship to the U.K.? You might not have to wait to get your next "fix."

  4. OMG!! and I thought Hobbycraft in UK was MASSIVE to anything we have here in Australia!!! I couldn't keep away from the place.......