Saturday, 24 August 2013

Winding down.....

It's almost the end of August - the Summer is ending, here in the UK, but next week I'm off on holiday to visit my cousin and his wife in New England! :-)

Along with all the trips they have planned for us, daughter and I are looking forward to visiting a few craft and yarn stores, in particular Michaels ! (we've deliberately pared down our packing to make room for purchases! ;-p)

Of course, that means I need to clear the decks of as many WIPs as possible so that I can enjoy new projects using all the stuff I hope to buy over there.

Here's the cable jumper I started earlier in the year:
I finished it ages ago, but it sat in a box for quite a while until I got my act together
this week and sewed all the pieces together.

I enjoyed the ongoing construction of this jumper,
picking up stitches and knitting transversely;
it's interesting to see the cables running horizontally as well as vertically.

It's beautiful to work with and gives a lovely crisp definition to the stitches.

I took the design from this book:

I love the ribbed picot edging on the neck!

As the Autumn draws in, I look forward to snuggling up in this gorgeous sweater!

Other projects that are drawing to a close are a selection of baby items for a charity I came across via another blogger,  Una, at Great Balls of Wool

The charity, Greenfields Africa , provides baby clothes for families in Kenya and Uganda. The 'Mama Bag' project provides the clothes as an incentive to encourage poor mothers to attend ante-natal classes, ensuring both mother and prospective infant receive health advice and medical care.

So, I've knitted a baby blanket:
and a couple of  cardigans (just need the buttons!) plus a few little hats:
I'll be sending these off when I get back from holiday - I'll do a couple of little knitted teddies to add to the pile. Feel free to click the links and read up about the project - or find a similar one in your own neck of the woods, perhaps?

Talking of 'woods' - I'm looking forward to seeing all the New England foliage - I wonder if the 'Fall' colour will have started.......? 



  1. Love all your projects. Have a wonderful time xx Greenfields is such a wonderful charity

  2. All your projects are very well knitted. It always surprises to see myself mentioned in another blog. It's a small world.