Saturday, 11 May 2013

Craft space

Having the younger 'chick' spread his wings again and move out, hubby and I find ourselves as 'empty-nesters' once more! (see this )

So, it's time to re-claim my 'craft' room, now it's no longer needed as a bedroom.

I've made a start :

As the days and weeks progress, I plan to move all my yarn & 'accoutrements' into this one space, instead of in bags and boxes wedged in cupboards all over the house (and the sheds outside, too!)

The large PC and printer will be going, once I have extracted all the genealogy details and images I have stored on it - all my Family History files and charts are moving in here too!

It's lovely to be able to think about getting all my 'art' stuff available - and being able to leave it out instead of the tiresome need to clear everything away all the time.

I have some shelves ready for when I come across all the knitting and sewing books I've accumulated - they'll soon fill up, I expect!

I plan to have a dedicated sewing space, with my sewing machine readily available rather than packed away at the back of beyond - this might encourage me to get back to doing some 'patchwork'. ;-)

!....and I need somewhere to store all my cross-stitch threads, too!

I'm debating whether to organise my knitting needles properly..... but they look lovely bundled into jars on the windowsill!

(and this is only some of them!)

This old metal knitting gauge belonged to my Grandmother, it still comes in handy!


  1. i really envy people who have a craft room. My sewing machine is tucked away so well that I can rarely be bothered to get it out. Maybe one day...when daughter moves out....

  2. It will be wonderful when you have finished all the organising and you will be able to think happy thoughts about your daughter as you craft... Perfect