Thursday, 30 May 2013

I've I'll start.....!

I have finally finished the blue 'ripple' crocheted blanket! (there it is, adorning the bed in my son's former bedroom (aka my craft room ;-p)

Although I enjoyed making it, I'm glad it's finally done, with all the loose ends sewn in and neatened off. It seemed to take quite a while, but then I remember it was interrupted with a few other items.....

The grey cable jumper is finished, but awaiting blocking and seaming:

(spot the foam-matting squares in assorted colours to the right - actually, they're a set of  'hopscotch' tiles - a bargain from the kids' aisle in Tesco's, ready to slot together and pin out my knitting!)

I also managed to do a 'baby ripple' for my daughter's friend, who's expecting a little 'ankle-biter' in August:

So, now I'm casting around for other projects - hence a visit to the library, returning with a stack of books for inspiration:

The 'mitred-madness' creation (slung on the back of the chair) is still going strong and using up all the little oddments, as and when I get around to it!

Close-up on the books, in case any of you are interested:

However, I'm grateful to Una over at Great Balls Of Wool for making me aware of a charity knitting outlet I can contribute it looks like I'll soon have a load of new projects on the 'go'! :-)

So, what's everyone else got on the needles...?


  1. Your work is beautiful ... The charities are going to be very lucky indeed.

  2. Beautiful stuff. So grateful I have grandchildren who love socks. Mindless stuff.

  3. The baby ripple blanket is just perfect. I work in a library on Sundays and always try to look at the knitting and crochet section.

  4. I'm sure your ripple blanket is a looks so fresh and bright.

    Funny, I have a pile of foam puzzle squares for my blocking. White on one side but if I'm tired of white there are Disney scenes on the the other. Hurray for thrift shops. And charity knitting is a great way to keep knitting when your family and friends have drawers full of woolly things.

  5. Both the ripple blankets are gorgeous!