Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mustn't get cross about 'cross stitch'!

It's been a few years since I last did any cross-stitch but at Easter hubby ordered this chart for me. I love Norman Rockwell paintings but I've never been able to find cross-stitch representations of his work here in the UK - until now!

What a wonderful way to make use of all the threads I inherited from hubby's Grandmother:

(this is only some of them!)

The chart calls for 89 (yes - 89!!!) different DMC shades, but my threads are Anchor, so using a conversion chart so I set to work checking off all the ones I had and those I'd need to order.

Well, it turns out I only have 18!!!!! Can you believe it :-/  So with a deep breath (and some good daylight!) I'll have to sit down and see how near a match I can get - I expect I'll still have to order a good few skeins, anyway.

But - it is such a beautiful and intricate picture that I think it'll be worth it.

 (Mind you, I'll probably be in my dotage by the time I finish it!)

Rockwell's original artwork appeared as the cover of the Saturday Evening Post, 3rd April, 1948 -  but for the purpose of this chart, the image has been 'reversed' in order to show his signature 'correctly'! There are a number of quirks about the picture, it was to celebrate April Fool's Day, after all - see if you can spot all the deliberate 'mistakes', or check here  to find the ones you've missed! Good luck!


In other news, the cable jumper is progressing: 

The back and front are done and now I'm onto the sleeves. Hopefully they won't take too long, being a 12-row repeat of stocking stitch with raised bands of the reversed stitch - I just have to remember when to purl and when to knit; it goes against the grain to knit on what you'd expect to normally be a purl row, and vice versa!

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  1. The Norman Rockwell is impressive. Somehow my granddaughters have an enormous collection of colored threads on cards. They use some on embroidery projects, but on the whole they seem to use them to braid intricate friendship bands.