Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A li'l bit of nostalgia!

Haven't been updating much here lately - the reason is, I'm busily knitting a 1940's cardigan for my daughter that she can wear to a WW2 re-enactment event later this month.

It's in 4ply with a 20-row cable pattern - not too bad once you get the hang of it, but the sleeves are making me grit my teeth - increasing and taking those extra stitches into the pattern is tricky!

The pattern comes from this book:

This book has original vintage patterns, alongside modern adaptations to suit different sizes (often just one 'standard' size was given) and currently available yarns.

I've done the back and fronts of the cardigan, then stitches are picked up around the neck to form a yoke. I confess, I had several attempta at this part but couldn't get the pattern to work out as it was written (possibly a typo?), so in the end I just 'fudged' it to fit:

Now - back to those sleeves......and I'll try to get a picture of it being modelled, along with all the other WW2 fashions! :-)


  1. Thankyou again Marmee!! xxx

  2. Wow that is impressive. 4ply will definitely be a labour of love where cables are concerned. It looks fabulous so far.

  3. Wow, you're braver than I am!